Done and done. The last ride of the challenge has happened and the 30-day stint is complete. Happy days! I’m going to take this opportunity to thank my two-wheeled companion for making this monumental achievement possible. Without it, the challenge would have been considerably harder.


My two-wheeled lover


Today’s ride was a solo local victory lap. An off road plod up and down Rivelin valley. Nothing to write home about but enough to get mud on the wheels and on my 5 ride unwashed shorts!


Very welcome spring evenings


The sweet smell of success and motherly love was in the air and I was bagging that stuff up. That tasty atmosphere is going to catapult me into spring, right through summer and drop me off in a basket outside the door of autumn.

There have been plenty of thoughts and reflections gathered from this challenged and I intend to collect them together. Tomorrow I’ll jot down a considered reflection and write a final piece about my month of bicycles. It will probably be inspirational and it will no doubt reveal that bicycles are awesome.