If it wasn’t Saturday I would have demanded a day off. A day to celebrate, to remember, to witness the majesty of Reg. It Elton’s big day and he’s 70 candles strong! He’s not made of wax, they are on his cake. Let us all say cheers to Elton and hope his candle burns out long after, or at the same time, his legend ever does.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 14.01.19.png
Happy Birthday Elton!

Now to the riding! To the mountain bike riding to be precise. A Peak District late afternoon sunny sunset ride. The trails were purring under our tires like scared hedgehogs. The rays were travelling into our face at 186,000 miles per second and savagely beating us into a delirious state of bliss. The bikes were cooperating and making idle chit chat. All was good. Peace was upon us.

Today’s ride was a loop de loop from Sheffield, over the tops to the Peak, up and down valley, and then back to the city. Unfortunately Thomas joined me and we celebrated Elton’s birthday together the only way Elton would want us to. By setting our clocks forward an hour and filing our tax returns.

All together it was a rip-roaring yet mellow affair. We were laughing like children and living like lovers. We were rolling like thunder under the covers. We just stared into space and pictured our faces in each others hands. We lived for each second without hesitation
and never forgot that we were each others man (men? dunno).

Tomorrow is the last day of my challenge. I guess that’s why they call it the blues?

*Note – I don’t actually know Elton but if anyone does can you introduce me? I think we would get along.