I’d skipped a pre-work opportunity and a surprise visit from my brother meant I had to bail on an after work ride. I did mean I got some taco’s though. This now meant that a night ride was the only option.




I didn’t really fancy a ride. I had to force myself off the couch, away from tea and biscuits and out onto the trails. Heading out for a night on Friday felt distinctly wrong. I was definitely doing this as a matter of course and not for the love of the bicycle.


Photo of the year


I did get out for a 30-minute mountain bike ride though. I have proof. Speak to my lawyer.


Quite an impressive view of Stannington in the flesh, doesn’t come out well on the phone camera.


I’ve now gotten into the mind frame of thinking a short ride is better than nothing and I more often than not have more fun than expected. This ride however, will not go down in the history books as being on of the greats. It will remain forever forgotten. It has served it’s purpose though and carried me into the last weekend of the challenge.