I was supposed to get a ride in before work. Get out of bed early and head out on the road bike. It didn’t happen. I’ve also now realised I missed out day 25’s Reg Fact. A double disappointment sandwich. I don’t know what the bread is in that metaphor. Figure out yourself.


All was not lost though. I had a time window at 4:30 which I could hurl a ride shaped brick through. I could do a loop on the road bike but it would mean I’d have to battle through rush hour traffic. It’s worth to avoid having to do a 9pm night ride though.


Non gravel specific


A loop out to Nether Green, through Lodge Moor, down to Meersbrook and then up to the house. About 14 hilly miles. I got to it but as you can see from the photo above I got a little off track. The narrow road that google suggested as being suitable for two wheels suddenly turned into muddy singletrack. I made it through unscathed.


I walked…


I am ashamed to say though, I had two very embarrassing thoughts as the path became unbeaten. Firstly, I saw the path and thought to myself “these tyres aren’t appropriate for gravel”. Secondly, I thought “I won’t be able to pedal hard enough to make this a worthy training ride”. These thoughts have no place on a bicycle ride. I should have just been enjoying the mix in terrain and the exploring.


Finally, as I was back onto the tarmac into rush hour traffic I was treated to a whole bus lane to myself. I counted about 4000 cars in this traffic jam. Smugness overload.

Reg Fact Update – Apologies I missed out the Reg Fact from day 25. To make up for this I’m going to hose you down with double dose of knowledge soaking. Put your towel down, let this one air dry.

He is still alive today – and – His music has been described as ‘soft rock’