A big old bag of surprises. Some good, some not so much. That what today was. A surprise bag.


Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 22.18.06.png
The original plan – throwback to sunnier days


The original plan was to head up to Parkwood springs with a buddy to do some glove slapping and dual-ing on the slalom track. However, due to work commitments this didn’t come off. He bailed on me and I had to go it alone. This frist surprise left me high and dry without a riding plan. I had to resort the rolling out the door and making it up as I went along. Without a car or much time I decided to do some extra local cheeky trails that I haven’t done before. A bit of impromptu exploring.


Trail exploring

The trail exploring unearthed a few new bits of singletrack I hadn’t done before. It also revealed the second surprise of the night. A man in a bush asking me if I wanted some fun.  I’m pretty sure he wasn’t a leprechaun and I don’t think he was talking about playing battleships. I politely declined his offer and swiftly pedaled away. He couldn’t keep up because he was 3 ft tall and had a massive bag of board games.


Contemplating today’s ride


Mountain biking is always portrayed in the glossy magazines as a chance to find the wild, get back to nature and explore the surprises the outdoors has to offer. However, the magazines don’t often mention the kind of surprises I found today. Happy riding.