Today is the first proper day of spring. It’s getting all flowery and colorful out there. The birds are flying and the cats are peeing on our 1 metre squared garden. I finished work with a good 2 hours of sunlight left, I had my kit ready for a ride and… I decided to go home for a cup of tea and watch goat videos on youtube.


Google free image search


I didn’t have it in me at that moment. In my weak and vulnerable state I thought I could have a tea break then go for a ride after I was fully refreshed and tea-juvinated. It didn’t quite happen. It got the to point where I fully wasted all of the day’s sunlight. I’d thrown it right in the bin. I ordered the large portion and didn’t even touch the fries.


Pre-snapped lace


You’ll be glad to hear, I did actually get out on a ride. I pulled the ebay special fire hazzard head lights out of the cupboard. I threw my beginners guide to PAT testing back on the bookshelf (what an accurate throw!). Strapped the lights on the helmet. Walked through the door with my helmet on and accidentally banged my head. Then I was ready to go!


Looked better in my head


Just to give me a bit of an extra treat for my laziness, karma decided that I would have to wear wet shorts and my shoelace should snap. It started raining too. Thanks Hindu religious concepts of causality, you’ve made me damp.


Whizzy windy


I got out though, that’s what counts. It was actually a decent ride too. The novelty of riding in the dark was enough to make it different to my to other rides and it always adds an extra bit of excitement. The lesson here though is to never turn down the chance for a ride in good weather, otherwise you might be wandering around the woods in the dark wearing wet pants.