Old father time made an appearance today. Flying through the sky like a tiger, defying the laws of gravity… and personal hygiene. The old guy was ripping it and keeping up with us on the ups and downs. Not surprised really but its always good to see that he can still keep the speed in spite of his crippling indigestion.


Father time



Gaviscon induced spells of dizziness


Today was a Sunday fun day slop ride on the good side of Sheffield. We were battling the wind all ride but it didn’t spoil the fun. The ups were mellow and the singletrack was windy, fast and flowy. You could describe this whole event as a ‘mountain bike ride’.


I think they are enjoying the ride?


Loads of riders were out today too. Everyone was having fun and the friendly bunch of riders were dishing out welcoming nods/tips of the hat, like a bobblehead with ADHD. Cotic cycles also out and about doing some bike demo’s and the trails were full of happy faces. Proper friendly bunch us mountain bikers. One guy offered me his kidney. I declined.


More of this stuff please!


Another day of flowing trails, friendly face’s and muddy bicycles. Happy days! 7 more days of this challenge and I reckon that’ll set me up for a whole summer of two-wheeled goodness.