Jumps are cool and rad. It’s what people are into. They love them. You get street credibility (cred for short) and they are a clinically recognised cure for virtually all mental health problems. I needed to bag me some of them sweet sweet jumps. But this ain’t an easy feat.


Bumps and jumps


I had a blast around the local BMX track today. Bolehills recreation ground. It’s an impressive track and the guys and girls responsible for running it have put a whole load of work in. To say I’ve lived nearby for 9 months this is the first time I’ve visited. I guess that’s one positive of mixing my rides up each day.


The pump track was great fun and a proper workout. Jumps are hard though! As I started the approach to the first set I rapidly ran through varying levels of confidence. I started the roll in thinking I’d get to the jump and sail over it. As I got a bit closer I thought “ooh, might need a pedal stroke”. A bit closer and I started to feel speed slip away. Then 2 metres before the jump you feel the earth orbit come to a stop and all the confidence you had in your ability to make the jump just disappears. Then the wallowing self-pity starts. It’s harder than it looks! Fair play to those who can coast over these jumps on a mountain bike.


Finally, Happy Birthday to Neil the half human, half wheel hybrid. Our thoughts are with you.