Another day, another ride. A pre work roadie ride in the lovely spring sunshine. Roling up and over hills and whizzing past the school run traffic. A proper nice start to the day enjoyed by and my malt loaf passenger.

Lovely bit o’ field

Todays ride was an alteration of a previous ride. I headed out towards Redmires and looped round to Fulwood but I was in an energetic mood. The malt loaf was shouting words of encouagement from the pannier bag, so I added in some extra climbs. Craziness. A whopping 16 miles on the imiginary clock by the time I got to work.

Blue skies and smooth roads

Pretty standard road ride so far. This is where things get wild though. I took a detour through the local skate complex, the skate-o-rama, the skateodrome. I was harnessing my inned Tony ‘The Hawk’.


I had visions of turning up and being the outsider. The skaters would say “who’s that corporate square?”, they would shun me. I’d then win them over and show them you can be square and rad. I’d win their respect and they would learn an important lesson. We’d jump and high five *cue freeze frame and fade to black*.

Instead, I rolled up and down a near empty park and left after 2 minutes. The only other person there was a member of the council clean up team picking up glass and a fridge freezer that had been fly tippped. We didn’t high five and he ignored me when I said hello. *cue freeze frame and fade to black*.

Oh yeah, Reg fact…

He did that song about Princess Dianna that time…