Today’s ride was ruined from the word go (I always like to start my rides by shouting GO). It started 20 minutes late. At the best of times this is upsetting, but in days of minimal after work sun-shine it is completely unacceptable. The rider who rides late must never ride again. Today, to my eternal shame, this rider was me. I was late. Not on time. Un-punctual. Down right rude.

Not happy. Flippin the bird of disgrace.

Tom, this generic apology letter template for workplace misconduct is for you.

March 15, 2017
Sales Department Head for Riders Agreement Inc.,

Corporation Dear Sir,

I humbly write to you to express my deepest apologies for the misconduct I was involved in on our ride today. The incident took place as a result of a generic workplace incident.

I am a very professional person and value my work a lot. I have an excellent performance record since I was employed in the role of riding companion several years ago and it saddens me that I have caused a mar in my record. I am aware of the riders agreement rules and the work ethics that we follow. I will undergo the due process and face the consequences of my action as per rider agreement rules. Rest assured that the incident will not happen again and I will do everything again to gain back your complete trust in my capacity.

My sincere apologies, again.

T P Turner

After the outrage and disappointment had settled down we did ride. We rode around the local trails, blasted a few rocks and completed a satisfactory 10k hour loop. We rode with much rad-ness until the sun set and all was good again. There is a lesson here and that is that a finely crafted and emotional apology letter is the solution for all of your problems.