I had my cycling kit with me so I could shoot off straight from work but I had nowhere to get changed. I popped into the local library. Slipped into my special cycling uniform and emerged like the world’s worst superhero. “Now I’m ready to eat cake!” I screamed as I clopped out of the Library.

Typical scene from the first half of the ride

Without context my scream may have sounded weird or unsettling but I wasn’t worried. I knew that it was my Father in Law’s birthday and he had a kitchen full of cake. I also knew that I was going to be inside that kitchen and that cake was going to be inside me (in my mouth). Scream legitimized. Time to ride.

More of this stuff

The cake was located in Shireoakes. This is about 20 miles away by bicycle. I knew it wasn’t going to come to me so I decided to head along the Trans Pennine trail, NCN 67, a few quiet roads, a few bobbly dirt tracks and finish in cake town (population me).

Bike on the fence shot

It was a perfect evening and a real pleasure to be out on the bike. The sunshine was out and it was t-shirt and shorts weather yet again. I’d reached the halfway point in no time, or as I like to say, one hour exactly.

Bluebird evenings

This is where I met up with the birthday boy. Nigel joined me for the second half of the ride and we cruised back to Shireoaks hand in hand, both full well knowing that we would be feeding each other cake in no time (1 hour, see previous paragraph).

Bicycle riding on the second half of the ride

Nigel was a bit cheeky and took me down a few off road trails. The touring tyres were about on their limits but it was a nice little route. The dirt trails soon turned into canal banks, the canal soon winded its way into Shireoaks and the cake soon ended up in my face. Happy Birthday Nigel!