I cut off a little slice, popped it on a plate, poured a cuppa and chowed down. The trails were so tasty today I couldn’t help but put them in my face. My pica has been flaring up again recently.

The bike, trails and distance of the sun from the planet earth were all spot on this afternoon. T-shirt and short weather is well and truly here too. Vest weather will be here in approximately 23 days on the 5th of April, the 95th day of the Gregorian calendar.


Such poor technique


Todays ride was another hour blast on the mountain bike. I shot off on the local trails and added a few different trails in to make it unique to the other rides. Having to mix it up each day really shows how much choice there is around here for fun singletrack. I think I’ve probably got another two or three rides around here before I start pushing the limits and potentially breaking the challenge rules. More effort will be needed soon!


Today I’ve decided to officially mark the 13th of March as the start of my Summer. Enough of this longing for brighter, lighter, sunny days. I’m seizing the day in it’s current not so birght/light/sunny state. I’m pulling my 14 kids out of school and I’m home schooling them in #yolo. No time to sharpen your 2HB kids, just be awesome. It is the season of riding bicycles and I wish you all positive, happy, and sunny miles from now until 3rd of October.