Over half way! I’d held off for a while but it was finally time to head to the trusty Parkwood Springs. A fantastic little trail that is dead easy to get to, rideable in all conditions and normally keeps your pants dry. If you not seen them (the trails not my pants) then have a look on the Ride Sheffield website. If you’ve not seen my pants, head down to the London National Gallery between the 1st and 28th of April, bring the family.

Lots of this stuff. Proper fun.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’d had a few mechanicals that put the bike out of action. I quickly got around to repairing them and the bike is now on fleek. A new set of tyres, new shock bushings and a bit of TLC got the bike back on form. To be honest, I think it was running a little too well. It was picking up speed from nowhere and warping the fabric of space and time. Nobody likes to have warped fabric, especially when you’ve visitors at 4pm.

Bike Check – Sort by price ascending, buy first on list.

A few laps of the trail and a mess about on the jumps was spot on. I’d soaked up some rays. Raced (and lost) my own memories of previous performances on the dual track. Then headed home for doughnuts.


If you’ve never ridden Parkwood then do it. If you have, then do it again. If you have difficulty taking orders, then maybe this blog isn’t for you. Every city should have one of these. It’s good fun for keen riders and the families and kids I saw there today were loving it too. Happy days. Onto day 17 and hopefully more mountain bike miles.

Attempting to get sick shot
Running away to start the ride into shot and hoping my phone doesn’t get stolen. What a narcissist.