Weekend rides are easy. Loads of time to get a spin in. I had other life stuff to do today though so just decided to go for a quick hour or so on the mountain bike. I grabbed the bike, ditched the pack and tools and carelessly snuck off to the local woodland trails.


As is typical with all mountain bike rides though, it wasn’t plain sailing. I rolled out of the drive in perfect condition and traveling fancy-free. Within 30 mins I’d snapped a spoke, a shock bushing had worn down, the lockout adjuster had fallen off, the chain guide had worked loose and I’d noticed both tyres were bald! It was like a reverse Forest Gump leg brace scenario.


I rattled through in spite of all the minor mechanicals and had a great little ride. It was proper spring time weather and the trails were drying up just enough give a bit of grip and some no brake slippy skids.


An hour ride, although great fun, resulted in 90 minutes of repairs and spares. What a time and money efficient sport this is.