You know the drill. I upload a couple of pictures. Explain what I did, why I did it, and how it was in some way enlightening. Quite a simple and predictable formula. Well, I’m sick of it. I don’t feel like you are pulling your weight in this cyber-relationship. All you do is take the words from the screen, process them then move on. It’s about time we set the balance right and you write the blog for a change!

It would be unfair to drop you in at the deep end with support. Therefore, I’ll give you a helping hand. I’ve given you a few template statements so you can fill in the blanks and a few pictures to go with it.

Build your poorly constructed blog – Scene one

Today’s ride was ………, and finished with a small……… It allowed me to see……… and made me realise……… Even though it was a public space I still……… and everyone laughed.

Scene two

It had been seven years since I last ……… and it felt great! I was able to use the bicycle to ……… and nobody will ever find out.

There you go, stop being lazy. Fill in the blanks, add a few more sentences in a similar style and you’ve got a blog. Happy now?

For the record. I did ride today. It was a pre-work road ride out through Redmires and back through the city. It was ok. Let’s move on.