Clunk. Clang. Thwonk. A big barrel of anxiety and excitement is crashing down the stairs. It’s heading right for you! Don’t move. Let the barrell knock you to the floor. Let its contents lap over you. Bathe in the raw emotional fluid. Now that you are suitably ‘pumped’,  let us start the daily exercise class I like to call Blog-ercise. Now go clean yourself up.

Fast and furious

I’m not going to tell you where I rode today. It was probably a bit cheeky. What I will tell though is that it was fun. It was fast and slippery. It was downhill. It had jumps. This trail was careering its way through my ‘fun trail checklist’, recklessly crushing criteria. Smashing specifications. Blasting briefs. You get the point.

Slow and anxious

This was probably the shortest ride (45 mins) of the challenge so far, but definitely the most fun! I’d actually finished work early today and was back home for 5 ish rather than the expected 7:30pm. This gave me some free time and meant I didn’t have to get the lights out. I had cheated physics. I caught father time napping and slapped him right in the clock with my big hand. Take that old man.

Steady and jaded

It was 5:15pm in Sheffield (as it was in the rest of the UK). I whizzed out of the house and got to ride in the best time of the day. The golden hour. A good fifteen minutes of singletrack later I’d reached the bottom of the valley. Climbing back up was easy peasy lemon robot, and I was supping tea for 6:20pm. This should be part of the daily routine!

Something else…

Today’s quick and super fun blast was my favourite sort of ride. It was just what I needed to inject a bit of fun into the challenge. Onwards and sideways to day 13.

sun bolehill
Moody sunset shot