An hour and a half on the road bike after work is becoming easier and easier. The days are getting longer and I’m getting my head around the daily ride. The fact that I’ve committed to this stupid challenge and I’m forcing myself on a ride partly takes away the joy. However, I’ve now convinced myself that if you really want to ride a bike any day of the week (or do whatever you are into) then you shouldn’t let life responsibilities get in the way. There are obvious exceptions to this but don’t let work be the thing that stops bicycle fun. On the whole, a positive lesson.

Casual bike lean. Looking chill.

Up until this point, I had been planning the daily ride the night before but today I woke up without a plan. I had no idea where to go or how I was going to exaggerate it for the blog. With that in mind, I chucked my kit in the bag and figured I could just set off from work and see where I ended up. An ad hoc ride was easily put together last minute. I didn’t get lost. I made it home. Another victory.

There is a reservoir in there somewhere.

I think the point I’m trying to get at, without trying to sound like a pretentious life coach, is that there are plenty of hours in the day. Everybody has the same number of hours as Beyonce. Therefore, if my math is correct, you will find your Jay Z one day and ride with him into the sunset.

DISCLAIMER – I’m working 9am until 7:30pm tomorrow. In spite of all of the positive chat above, I will probably fail to get a ride in.