One-third of the way through! Five more days then I can quit with a decent level of dignity. I can blame an injury or illness. That’s what I’ll do. Then I’ll retire from cycling. Before all of that, it’s time to get blogged off of your head.


I’m very lucky to have some fun little bits of singletrack accessible pretty much right from the door, so I decided to make the most of that today. On day four I did a few trails around Rivelin but thought I’d head the other way and have a mess around on Bolehill. The ride lasted less than an hour, but it still counts. Chalk it up! A few slippery trails later it was 6pm and time to head back home via a few snickets and stair cases.


These were the rides I used to do all of the time when I didn’t have access to the Peak District and proper mountain biking. Just head off through the park find a little 100m slither of singletrack and practice a few turns. Just heading out from the door with no great adventure in mind.


Finally, if the world’s currency was based on facts about Elton John (Reginald Dwight) then I, my friend, would be an astro-zillionaire. Relax, open your mind and slip into something a little more factual because it’s trivia time.

Fact 2 – He is English.