Day 8 has been a nice change. I’ve had company and not had to talk to myself. At the end of the month, I’m heading over to Dublin for a mini cycle touring holiday with Rose. So we used today as an opportunity to dust off the old Peugeot and take it for a spin around Sheffield. Make sure everything works, give the legs a spin and catch some rays*.

*Note to self – Idea for coffee table book.¬†Catching Rays – Photographs of famous Ray’s in sultry bikini’s

The sun had it’s hat on and was doing what it does best, instantly¬†incinerating it’s own hat with blistering temperatures. Poor old sun, no hat for you.


The lovely retro Peugeot


We made the most of the good weather by rolling down the hill into town. Having a ride through the cycle paths and quiet ways around the city, then stopping for a coffee in the centre. After a ride up a couple of climbs, we were then back home for a cuppa.

The ectoplasm of a now forgotten bicycle covering the road.

It was all together a pretty chilled ride. Soaking up the sunshine and exploring Sheffield like two curious sponges. In my opinion, these are always the best ones. The best rides, not the best sponges.