Today’s ride was a story of two halves. Like the Bible. That’s in two halves isn’t it? Who am I talking to?

Delicious and nutritious

The first half, also known as the pre grape period, was a winch up the hill. A slog through the traffic. I set off from the office and the roads were busy. I continually replanned the route in my head to think of the quietest roads. It was a bit frantic. I was riding for the sake of it and not appreciating being on a bicycle in the spring sunshine.

Benches – the great equaliser. Everybody loves a sit-down.

The second half of the ride, now known as the post grape period, commenced after the above photo. I had 5 minutes sat on the bench. Contemplating how great bikes are. Admiring, and trying to take in the 2nd day of meteorological spring. Attempting to unwind and change my mindset. Oh, and eating grapes.

I set back off on the ride after the little break. My mind was free to enjoy the ride and absorb the experience. Now, this could be due to me being mindful on the bench. It’s most likely because I no longer have the grapes though. Those little green bags of negativity we’re probably getting me down. I bet they’d been capturing evil spirits, sucking nutrients from the soil of pessimism and hanging from the vine of eternal misery. I bet it was that.

Dusky views and smooth tarmac

There is a lesson here. You can either get yourself in a riding mindset before you jump on the bike. Include some mindfulness or #yolo-ing in your warm up. Or you can carry around the carcass of a dismembered grape family tree to warn off evil spirits. Your choice.

Death stalk

I for one will be carrying I grape stalk in my chamois for the rest of days. Until it turns into a happy pile of crotch mulch.

Peaceful and happy riding to all.