This is at risk of getting tedious. For me riding and writing, and for those reading. Lose-lose scenario. At least day 5 comes with the promise of a Reg fact.


My legs were a bit weary this morning so I thought I’d make today’s ride a little more chilled. A trip along the Sustrans super highway. A steady pedal along the Trans Pennine trail from the south side of Sheffield. This route heads through a nature reserve, closed pit tops and some of the finest fly-tipping sites in South Yorkshire.

10 miles to the motherland. Worksop.

Riding along traffic free routes and taking in the scenery was a good change of pace. Having all my kit, riding with a bit of sunlight, and not stressing about traffic was quite liberating too. Knowing you can get to all parts of Woodhouse and Birley on a fanciful whim is one of the greatest feelings modern man can experience.

Lovely bit of railing

Reg fact!

Finally, what you both came here for! Reginald Dwight fact-filled fun-fest! Hold on to your sensibilities, they are about to be obliterated.

Reginal Fact no. 1 – He is 69 years old.