Today was a mega achievement. It was the first time I’ve got out of bed before 7 on a weekday since the great early rise of November 2016. I’m practically an athlete/hero now.

Hello world. I’m a running tap of inspiration. Grab a bucket.

The ride wasn’t exactly spectacular, but it was fun. An hour loop up and over dale. Slipping and sliding down the trails. Nodding to the early morning dog walkers. Winking at the milkman. Bonding with the baker. I was the JohnnyEveryman, starting the day like a character from an anti-indigestion advert.

A particular highlight was the lovely muddy bit of singletrack below. It was enough to get the wheels sliding and the downhill buzz going. Who needs coffee eh? It metaphorically and literally blew the cobwebs off (note to self – must stop sleeping in attic).

Singletrack breakfast. Delicious and probably un-hygienic

I could get into the early riser lifestyle. It suits me. The me I want to be. The me who gobbles down on those early worms. The hungry bird. The human/bird hybrid. Hungry for success.

This is bird life!

Pure motivation right there.