Croeso to the jungle, we’ve got mud and rain. Day 2 done. Slam dunked into the victory bucket!

This blog is brought to by the chemical H2o. Before day 2’s riding even began we were already coming to terms with moisture and moist objects. Most of these objects coming from the ironically named ‘drying room’. Tentatively sliding into warm and wet riding gear was a sensation, I can only imagine, is similar to a bizarre reverse child birth. A re-wombing. Once re-wombed it was time to act like Moses and part the sea of puddles on the trail.

Penmachno was on the menu for day 2. One of my favourites in the Welsh trail centre category. Unfortunately, due a lot of rain (sky H2o) and storms, quite a few trees had fallen over and blocked big parts of the trail. It would take some sort of sexy robo/wizzard Moses to part this obstruction. The obstructions were frequent and it resulted in a few diversions and a more direct route back to the van.

Although a bit of a nuisance the ride was still good fun. We even bumped into a few guys from Tunbridge Wells and formed a non-violent bike gang. The formation was never formally acknowledged but it was spiritually, metaphorically and physically binding. One love.

Back to van. Bit o’ public nudity and more soggy bottoms. Then off for a coffee. Another lovely bit of bicycle riding in the land that colour forgot.