Kenny Bloggins, back at it again, getting finger-loose on the dancefloor.

Picture the scene. It’s day one of the 30 day challenge. The Lord Mayor didn’t turn up. The ribbon went missing. The occasion had all the atmosphere of the Derby WHSmiths. It wasn’t the glorious start I’d hoped for. You can’t deny it happened though. I rode my bike and now have a magnificent 100% success rate. Mathematical!

M a th?
Finely crafted berm

Once over to initial upset of my zero strong fan base, I started to settle into the challenge mentality. I started playing the mental long game. Transcending to higher levels of consciousness and eating Tesco value energy bars. I was like a budget conscious buddha.  I was in a good place.  This mentality will be vital over the next 30 days. I am in no way exaggerating.

Blurring time and space

Betws Y Coed was a decent way to kick off the challenge. We rode the trail formerly known as the Marin trail. Swoopy Welsh goodness. Flowy singletrack and easy climbs. The new ‘dirty dozen’ section was a bit tasty too.

Day two is another day. I’ve made a good start though. A monumental start. The best start possible. It will now be impossible to fail.