This coming weekend will mark the start of my unnecessary self-assigned challenge. 30 days, 30 bicycle rides, 30 blog entries. Biblical! The term ‘biblical’ is not referring to the enormity of the event, but more because of the Jesus-like levels of self-sacrifice I will be undertaking.  I’m doing this for you, the readers! All ten of you. Hi mum. Dad. 8 highly intelligent cats.*

Intelligent cat “Don’t be tempted to make a mouse pun. I’m a cat who can read and use computers. I’m above sh*t puns. Don’t insult my intelligence.”

Let us get down to business! I’ve decided to challenge myself to 30 days of bicycle rides to boost my year of riding. To make myself a fitter and more skilful mountain and road cyclist. To challenge my motivation. To squeeze more grime from the dirty mop of life. I’ve also dropped off on the blogging in the last few months so this will give me some bike content to BLOG-ULIZE (play robo sound effect in one’s own mind).

Rules and Regs


Time for rules and regs (regs is a shortened term for regulations, not Reginald’s). The following five rules will outline what I m working with and against. The limit screws on my derailleur of success if you will. Will you?

  • 30 days of riding

The challenge will last 30 days. I need to ride my bicycle on each of these days. No doubling up or missing off. Simply one ride a day.

  • Non-commutable sentence

Commuting doesn’t count. The ride has to be for the sake of a ride. I will allow myself extended rides finishing at or starting from work, but they have to be at least five times longer than my standard commute. A roll down the hill to work does not count.

  • Double punishment

Not only do I have to work out my skinny legs, I must also get fingering! Each ride must be blogged. My struggles should be logged and turned into some significant reflection or learning for future generations.

  • Some level of uniqueness

To keep things fresh, each ride must in some way be different to any other ride. It could be a similar route with a slight change, but it needs to be unique.

  • Every 5th blog must have an interesting fact about Reginald Dwight

This doesn’t necessarily have to be true.

On your marks, get set, underachieve!

To set the unstoppable wheels of achievemet in motion I must first make the initial pedal stroke. Cut the ribbon. Invite the Lord Mayor of Radsville.

This ceremonious occasion will occur on the 25th of February at Betws Y Coed. Feel free to come along and join in the celebrations. It will no doubt be one to forget.

An actual Lord Mayor. Magnificent.

*I am aware that I compared myself to Jesus in that bit o’ text. I got carried away, sorry. Forgive me bike Jesus. “Acknowledge the missed gear shifts in life and your chain line will be forever lubricated” Shimano, 1:11

It’s a bike joke.