Novelty is an experience that is new, or unusual and unfamiliar. A novel ride is refreshing and always enjoyable. To get a ride like that in though you normally have to travel a fair way and ride on new trails. Or, you can add a sprinkle of freak weather to your usual trails.

Without a military grade weather modification climatic warfare machine, or some sort of spiritual control over the whim of mother nature, controlling weather is difficult. So adding snow to your local trails for the sake of creating a novelty factor for your ride is near impossible. That’s why when you do get the snow, you should make the most of it!

A sentient bike beast grazing, chowing down on some slush and admiring the scenery.

We are mighty adventurers who laugh in the face of adverse weather. So naturally we trekked through the Derbyshire hills on a whopping 14.1 mile adventure. We then felt guilty about laughing at the weather, it was an inconsiderate thing to do. A written apology is on its way.

The ride started in Hope with some sunshine, clear blue skies and amazing scenery all around. We went over a few hills, down to Ladybower, then back up another few hills back to Hope. A pretty common loop around these parts so nothing out of the ordinary. I would normally put a map of the ride up at this point but I’ve a few comments in the past saying that this isn’t a great idea. So I’ve created a vague map instead to give you an idea of the area covered.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.38.46
Cafe stop in Rhovanton.

Although the route was different the masses of snow made the ride feel completely new. The crisp snow gave the scenery a vibrancy which you don’t normally see this time of year. The challenge to get traction on the ups and downs made the ride three times as challenging. Also, the cushioned landing on the snow banks made falling off a lot more bearable!

Some parts of the day were more of a walk with a bike than a ride.

The ride was great mainly because it was something different and novel. Novelty should be a key ingredient in every bike ride burrito. Not too much that you feel full up and lethargic from ridiculous portions of creamy novelty. More like having a few novelty jajalpenos to give add a bit of kick. This might be riding in silly weather, following a local on new trails or dressing as Sonny and Cher on a tandem.

“Fun is FUN!” Dale, 2016
The smouldering good lucks of George the duck make you forget about the cold weather.

Do your bit to make your rides different! Make it fun. It must be fun, everything must be fun! If it’s not just pretend it is. Pretend your ride was awesome, write a blog about it, then go back to work on Monday morning. Sit at your desk backwards to make that novel too.

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