Far flung trips to trail centres or big hills over yonder are brilliant. Everyone loves a big trip to somewhere new. However, a razz around the local loop is sometimes hard to beat!

Living in Nottingham offer up a spectacular array of below average mountain biking. This ranges from small country parks to mind numbing bridleway bashing. We have it all here. If you’re into 100ft climbs and the hum of dual ply tyres on NCN routes then this place is pretty much Mecca! In spite of that, it is my local and a ride straight from the door cant be beat so I shouldn’t be so harsh.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 19.03.09.png
The British A road network – Inspiration for the infamous Whistler A-line

A bit of pedalling soon gets you all up in those tasty green Google blobs. Once you’re into the forest and cruising around the familiar trails the urges for gnarly mountain descents or Welsh valley single-tracks are soon forgotten.


This particular local loop involved a ride through Thieves and Harlow wood, Newstead Abbey grounds and Cauldwell woods. We managed to pick up on some great little twisty tracks that we haven’t done in ages and I was reminded how much fun a mellow twisty trail can be even without much gradient. These trails have also seen recent changes after a Midlands XC race last year so it was great to work those into the usual routine.

Twisting around the Sherwood shrubs.

It was great to rediscover old trails and ride all morning without having to look at a map. We had chance to chat all the way round and take in scenery all without pressure of turning up the rad-iator to 11 gnarls per second. To top it all off, the weather was brilliant and the trails were drying out.

Golden leaves and sun.

After a cuppa in the sun with the dog walking crowd we were happy enough to call it a day. A blast around some fun trail, a cuppa and some cake, a bit of winter sun and home in time for lunch. A spot on local ride.